Sensors that find important roles

The company has three platform product lines that are made up of waterproof switches, linear position sensors and thermal switches." Linear position sensors manufactured by Control Products, Inc. These products are often used in industries such as off-highway, aerospace, oil & gas and material handling. Discussing why Control Products, Inc. Their products are known for precision, safety, efficiency and reliability.Hanover, New Jersey , 14 February 2013: Control Products, Inc." The temperature and thermal switches offered by the company are ideal for industrial and military applications as they display reliable electromechanical control and adhere to safety norms. About the Company: Control Products Inc is a well-known supplier of switches and sensors that find use in industrial and military applications. is an industry leader in delivering such products, a spokesperson said, "We are a pioneer in creating custom products for customer's individual needs. offers various switches and sensors that find important roles in industrial and military applications. We implement the latest technology at every single stage of the product development process. include Magnetostrictive Sensor Direct Replacements, SL720 - Integral Hydraulic Cylinder Sensors, Long Stroke Sensors and Linear Position Sensors for the toughest of environments. also offers a wide variety of Surface Mounts, Flange Mounts with Probes and Thread Mounts. They specialize in developing custom thermal and waterproof switches and sensors. The company carries out all its operations under a single facility located in East Hanover, New Jersey but delivers quality products all over the US Control Products, Inc. Waterproof switches supplied by us keep working efficiently even when exposed to oil, water, sand, shock, etc. If a specific switch or sensor does not exist then we design, prototype, test and manufacture a custom product. The company China Zoomlion Spare Parts Manufacturers spokesperson added, "In our state of the art waterproof switch line we supply momentary contact, maintained contact, limit, plunger and ball switches. The products offered in these categories are known for improving precision, efficiency, safety and reliability of equipment. These products have the ability to perform in extreme environmental conditions where traditional switches falter.


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